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Patchday 4/4/2021 - @ 9am Eastern


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Patchday - More notes to be added

  • LDoN Stuffs ---- NOT LIVE

  • Quests
    • Updated Staff of the Spiritcharmer (Troll/Sham newbie quest) stats to era-accurate - (forum post)
    • Updated Bravefoot Short Sword (Halfling/Paladin newbie quest) stats to era-accurate - (forum post)
    • Updated Prashnak to provide Enchanted Tunic Pattern instead of Glove when prompted for the tunic - (forum post)
    • Updated Templar of Fright (Erudite/Clr newbie gear quest) stats to era-accurate - (forum post)
    • Updated Scourge Sorcerer (Human/Int caster newbie gear quest) armor and weapon to era-accurate stats - (forum post)
    • Updated Yun Master Arglag's text trigger - (forum post)
    • Temple of Solusek Ro Magician focus items now usable by all in inventory - (forum post)
  • Spells
    • Removed Spell: Divine Intervention from many mobs - (forum post)
  • Tradeskills
    • Created 14 recipes for Yun Initiate newbie armor - (forum post)
    • Created 4 recipes for Guktan Shield No.1 - (forum post)
    • Fixed Dismal Priest Breastplate recipe - (forum post)
  • Chardok
    • Iksat Betrayer PH reduced respawn time- (forum post)
  • East Commonlands
    • Added Leaf Scarab and drops and updated Large Leaf Scarab drops - (forum post)
  • Lake Rathe
    • Corrected Deep's trade logic - (Issue #1172)
  • Plane of Air
    • Xegony - raised AC, lowered HP, raised stats, reduced all resists, increased runspeed, changed class to Warrior
  • Plane of Earth B
    • Avatar of Earth - Lowered HP, lowered stats, raised AC, lowered all Resists, lowered min/max damage, reduced size
  • Plane of Fire
    • Removed GoD spells from PoP Enchanter spell sets - (Issue #1178)
    • Fennin Ro - increased HP, increased AC, increased Attack, increased Accuracy, reduced stats, lowered min/max damage, changed class to Warrior
  • Plane of Justice
    • Slightly increased drop rate of Crystallized Cloudy Eye - (Issue #1179)
  • Plane of Knowledge
    • Ranger vendors who do not want to trade parchments for spells will now give the parchment back - (Issue XXX)
  • Plane of Time
    • Avatar of the Elements - raised resists, lowered max damage
    • Terris Thule - raised AC, lowered min/max damage, changed class to Warrior
    • Saryrn - raised AC, raised CR, lowered max damage, changed class to Warrior
    • Vallon Zek - changed class to Warrior
    • Tallon Zek - raised AC, changed class to Warrior
    • Bertoxxulous - lowered AC, lowered initial resists, changed class to Warrior
    • Cazic Thule - changed class to Warrior, now drops less Staff of Transcendence for Spirit of Potato
    • Innoruuk - lowered PR/DR, lowered attack delay, changed class to Warrior
    • Rallos Zek - raised AC
    • Quarm - changed class to Rogue
  • Plane of Torment
    • Parylyx spiders now can all drop Strands of Living Chain at a higher drop rate - (forum post)
  • Plane of Tranquility
    • Removed epic 1.5 items from fishing table - (Issue #1171)
  • Plane of Water
    • Coirnav - Raised HP, raised stats, raised AC, lowered all resists but CR, raised CR, lowered min/max damage, reduced slow mitigation, changed class to Warrior
  • Rathe Mountains
    • Burly Kobalds drop their ears more - (forum post)
  • Tox Forest
    • Added a fading specter spawn for Paineel Cleric Newbie quest - (forum post)

  • potimeb
    • Quarm loot table adjusted to have 3 unique tables with 1 item dropping from each based on historical loot drop evidence,
      • BP table has had its drop rate increased to be more in line with magelo
      • 1st Loot table
        • Earring of Influxed Gravity
        • Prismatic Ring of Resistance
        • Shawl of Eternal Forces
        • Spool of Woven Time
        • Whorl of Unnatural Forces
      • 2nd Loot table
        • Cord of Temporal Weavings
        • Hammer of the Timeweaver
        • Silver Hoop of Speed
        • Stone of Flowing Time
        • Talisman of the Elements
      • 3rd Loot table
        • Bracer of the Inferno
        • Earthen Bracer of Fortitude
        • Ethereal Silk Leggings
        • Shroud of Eternity
        • Wristband of Icy Vengeance
  • powater
    • increase drop rate on Living Fragment of Water from trilouns to match magelo
  • PoTimeB
    • Fixed P4 lockout timer issue when resuming a raid where 1 or more P4 lockout already exists.
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