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Patchday - 10/4/2020 @ AM'ish (maybe 10) Eastern


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Patchday -- Run Patcher (Posted)

  • Corpse updates
    • Corpses Rot = 7 Days Total
    • Corpse Rezability 3 hours of account CLE time
    • Corpses can be rezzed multiple times, however only the first rez will give any xp back and each rez even with no XP will provide rez effects.
  • PoTimeB
    • Quarm: Spells have been adjusted for LoY era - (Forum Post)
    • Pathing Mesh Reverted to previous one to solve many of the through wall/door issues.
  • PoInnovation
    • Prototype Event has been corrected so NPC's have the correct combat abilities, leash and properly banish to the counterclockwise event room. (Forum Post)
  • PoAir
    • Xegony Event: If all of the named adds are not dead when you get her near gate % she will gate, heal and wreck your raid.
  • Combat
    • 2 Hand Piercing added - for those classes that would get it, it has been added. The skill will initially be set to your 1 Hand Piercing skill but will grow separately.

  • Items
    • Donal's Leggings of Mourning are must equip to click (forum post)
  • Tradeskills
    • Added all non-guktan playable race single dose illusion potions to alchemy (forum post)
    • Added Gate (1/5/10 dose) potions to Alchemy and corrected Heliotrope cost (forum post)
    • Added 42 recipes for Troll Newbie Quest combines. Quitting dev team.
  • Spells
    • Added a wears off message to Shadowknight spell Shroud of Chaos (forum post)
  • Akanon
    • Fixed npc quest dialogue that was too long to display (Issue #854)
  • Grobb
    • The Shadowknights of Night Keep, Dark Ones and Da Bashers have finally figured out how to outfit their young trolls with "suitable" quested gear. See Kugaran (SK), Prashnak (Sham) and Goldush (War) in Grobb for more details regarding these LoY era newbie quests.
      • These quests were created when the Trolls were displaced to Neriak due to the slimy, pond-drinking Guktans ejecting them from their rightful home. This is the reason many of the components are located in Nektulos Forest and some around Innothule. Also, the quest dialogue clearly wasn't updated when the Trolls were in Neriak vs Grobb (looking at you Goldush War BP quest wording).
  • Temple of Veeshan
    • Vulak'Aerr now drops 1 armor/weapon from 4 different loot tables (forum post)
  • Permafrost
    • Lady Vox no longer casts Sound of Force (Issue XXX)
  • Vex Thal
    • Many raid bosses loot tables adjusted and the twin blobs' (before Aten Ha Ra) loot tables were split (forum post)
  • Veksar
    • Modified loot drop % on Warlock Gurag (Issue #863)
    • Changed Explorer Gamus PH mob to something more in line with those in his area (forum post)
  • Plane of Fire
    • Reduced spawn time of Jaxoliz Dawneyes, Criare Sunmane and General Druav Flamesinger (forum post)
    • Removed Fennin Ro self buff (forum post)
  • pofire
    • Flame_Overlord now rampages, increase min dmg, increase max dmg, increase size
    • a_magma_guardian quads
    • Dark_Obsidian_Lava_Spider flurries, reduce attack delay, increase max dmg
  • ssratemple
    • Advisor_Zekuzh no flee
    • Arbiter_Korazhk no flee
  • potimeb
    • Vallon_Zek (adds) reduce MR
  • hateplane
    • A_Very_Unpleasant_Hand add missing spell Life Drain
  • poair
    • A_Mischievous_Stormrider no mez, no charm, no flee, no pac, no snare
    • A_Swirling_Elemental_Force increase HP, decrease atk delay, increase maxdmg, quads, reduce flurry chance, increase respawn timer
    • Lossenmachar reduce HP, reduce mindmg, reduce maxdmg, ae ramps
  • powater
    • Swordfang flurries, increase HP, reduce atk delay
    • a_reef_swordfish reduce atk delay, decrease maxdmg
    • a_large_swordfish reduce atk delay, decrease maxdmg
    • a_reef_pirahna reduce atk delay, increase maxdmg
    • a_triloun_champion increase maxdmg
    • a_large_sea_turtle reduce maxdmg
    • a_reef_shark reduce atk delay, increase maxdmg
    • a_sea_turtle decrease maxdmg
    • a_large_hammerhead_shark increase maxdmg
    • a_great_white_shark increase maxdmg
    • a_triloun_diviner increase maxdmg
    • a_triloun_gatherer increase maxdmg
    • a_greater_pirahna increase maxdmg
    • a_greater_barracuda can mez, can snare
    • a_greater_swordfish reduce atk delay
    • a_triloun_champion no mez
    • a_greater_frog reduce atk delay, increase maxdmg
    • An_Enormous_Frog reduce HP, can snare, can pac, increase maxdmg, reduce atk delay
    • a_greater_deepwater_kraken increase maxdmg
    • a_regrua_defender can mez, can snare, increase HP
    • a_regrua_guardian no flee, no fear, increase MR
    • a_hraquis_hunter increase maxdmg
    • a_hraquis_scout increase maxdmg
    • a_hraquis_faith_warden reduce HP, remove summon, can mez, can snare
    • a_hraquis_mystic reduce HP
    • a_hraquis_magus reduce HP, reduce atk delay
    • a_regrua_sentry can snare
    • a_deepwater_kraken increase HP
    • a_greater_anglerfish increase maxdmg
    • an_anglerfish increase maxdmg
    • Gigadon reduce rampage percentage
    • Hraquis_Arch_Magus reduce atk delay, increase maxdmg, reduce HP
  • sseru
    • Add A Lucid Shard drop chance to Legionnaire NPCS
  • akheva
    • Shaded_stones remove Blue Burlap Pants from loot table, add Shade Rocks
  • fungusgrove
    • Priest_Kak`thak reduce maxdmg, reduce atk delay
    • Warlord Tk`kik`tthik can mez, now a paladin, add paladin spell set, now on its own separate spawn group
    • Shik`nar_Royal_Guard increase mindmg, reduce maxdmg
    • Shik`nar_Warrior increase mindmg, reduce maxdmg
  • global
    • Remove Resist Magic from paladin default spell set
  • akheva
    • A_mind_worm reduce size, increase proc chance of Worm Infestation, reduce min dmg, reduce maxdmg, see invis
    • Atulinae`Vius reduce mindmg, reduce maxdmg, summons
    • A_mind_burrower summons, reduce mindmg, reduce maxdmg
    • Xi_Xaui summons, no charm, no pac, increase aggro radius
    • Xi_Vius summons, increase MR, no charm, reduce mindmg, reduce maxdmg, no pac, increase aggro radius, increased respawn timer
    • An_Akhevan_lifetaker no see invis, can mez, increased respawn timer
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