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Patchday 02-21-2021 @ 10AM Eastern


Staff member
  • LDoN Stuffs (Not Live)

  • Appearance
    • Thunderous Drum of Karana has a new (old) graphic - (forum post)
  • 61+ Mage Pets
  • Bastion of Thunder
    • Increased Lightning Sphere drop rate slightly - (Issue #1119)
  • Butcherblock Mountains
    • Green Goblin heads and blood vials and Insignia of Greenblood sell to merchants for more - (forum post)
  • Cazic Thule
    • Updated mobs that drop Flawless Tae Ew Hides - (Forum Post)
      • Increased drop rate of Tae Ew Blood Vial due to playing around with hides forum post above
    • Ring of Fear waves now level 60 - (forum post)
  • East Commonlands
    • Added Spell: Kindle to merchant Rushka Deklamoor - (forum post)
  • Feerrott
    • Added Brown Lizard Talon to lizard loot drops - (forum post)
  • Lake Rathetear
    • Frog Prince now spawns - (forum post)
    • Removed Webclaw Murkwave from static location and added new pathing grid for it and placeholder - (forum post)
  • Plane of Time B
    • Phase 1-5 mob no longer drop Ethereal or Spectral parchments - (Forum Post)
    • Supernatural Guardian/Avatar of the Elements now drop 1 loot - (forum post)
  • Stonebrunt Mountains
    • Update the Titans so that multiple of the same cannot be up at the same time - (Issue #1140)
  • Togrian Mines
    • Fanatical and Resistance Miner loot drops corrected - (forum post)
  • Plane of Water
    • Coirnav is now correctly permarooted - (Issue #1116)
  • pofire
    • remove a doomfire wizard from field1 spawngroups
    • Dark_Obsidian_Lava_Spider will now appear in field 2
    • Obsidian_Tree_Spider_Queen will now appear in field 1
  • kithicor
    • General_V`ghera add missing proc Soul Devour, adjust loot tables to be more accurate
  • cazicthule
    • adjust most trash and named in zone to have more accurate values