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Current Quality of Life Features


Current list of known Quality of Life (QoL) Features on WFH. This is created not only for the aged staff but for players to reference as well. If you find something not listed please let us know and if you have the rationale for why we did it post that as well and we'll update this post.

Dynamic Zones (DZs) & Zone Instancing - WFH uses guild specific instances for some Velious & Luclin content. This was added in ~2017 to prevent guild competition and the tension associated with it for raid encounters when that content was new. Almost all Planes of Power content are accessed in DZs by raid (not guild). The player cap in every DZ is greater than 72 to allow for increased Raid Leader sanity for character swaps. Instancing for Plane of Time existed in early 2004.

Twilight Sea Quest Armor Drops - Certain quest parts should drop from specific mobs. Devs made the call early on to not implement every mob. Instead, the ones that do drop quest items drop 8ish each. The rationale was that the quest and rewards are so underwhelming that 99.99% of the playerbase will not do them. Rationale, Rationale Admin

Legacy of Ykesha Gunthak/Rathe Mountains PoK Books - Gunthak Book was added in late 2004 between Gates of Discord and Omens of War. The Rathe Mountains book wasn't added until sometime after the Trolls retook Grobb from the Guktans in mid-2005. During LoY implementation these books were voted on by the community.

RoF2 Client (V3) Benefits - Quite a few listed here including newer trade skill interface, potion stacking, buyer mode, bandolier and potion belt.

/Melody and /Autofire - Added early as it was live in late 2004. (Thanks Grokii)

Collapsed Distillery - Added early as it was live in 2004 in OoW. (Thanks Trispis)
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