Wayfarers Haven

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Bard Swarming and Genric Swarming Rules v2.0 - 4/7/2021


While swarming is allowed on Wayfarer's Haven there have been far too many suspensions to call current rules "good enough". Classically, swarm kiting is defined by kiting mobs and either charming, damage-over-timing, or PBAOEing the pack down. We do not want a single bard or group to dominate a zone that can be used to gain AA's at level 65.

What has happened without swarming restrictions is that an entire zone is swarmed and killed and afterward someone else will zone in and want to do some more casual experience session but finds the entire zone dead. They see another trio in the zone but are not going to ask them to join regardless of the other trio's willingness to invite them. Instead, they leave the zone they wanted to enjoy for something else. This is not the environment we are trying to have. Plane of Nightmare, Halls of Honor and most Legacy of Ykesha zones are perfect examples of zones this can and has happened in.

Current Rules:
Some valid concerns were raised regarding peer instruction on swarming and general confusion of the original updated rules regarding camps so swarming has been simplified to the following:
1) Swarming is only allowed in Dynamic Zones (DZs) or Guild Instances unless the zone is Exempt per the Zone Exemption list below

To help offset the restriction we have made the following improvements:
1) DZ/Guild Instance experience has been raised from 50% of the public value to 85% public (4/14/2021 change)
2) Plane of Nightmare now has a DZ (you can no longer swarm anywhere in the public zone)

When it comes to public zone exp you know what swarming is, staff knows what swarming is so be smart about it. The ask-for-forgiveness-instead-of-permission philosophy will not save you when it comes to account actioning.

Updated flowchart:

Zone Exemption List (unlimited swarming OK zones)
The following list of zones are free for unlimited swarming with the caveat that you still must share a zone/mobs with other players and not "lock down" a zone. These zones are primarily used for power-leveling characters and most players are in and out of the zone within a spawn cycle or two.

Butcherblock Mountains
Cabilis East
Cabilis West
Dagnor's Cauldron
East Commonlands
East Freeport
Eastern Plains of Karana
Erud's Crossing
Everfrost Peaks
Firiona Vie
Frontier Mountains
Gorge of King Xorbb
Grimling Forest
High Keep
Highpass Hold
Hollowshade Moor
Icewell Keep
Innothule Swamp
Katta Castellum
Kedge Keep
Kerra Isle
Kithicor Forest
Kurn's Tower
Lake of Ill Omen
Lake Rathetear
Marus Seru
Misty Thicket
Neriak - 3rd Gate
Neriak - Commons
Neriak - Foreign Quarter
Netherbian Lair
North Freeport
North Kaladim
North Qeynos
Northern Desert of Ro
Northern Felwithe
Oasis of Marr
Ocean of Tears
Shadeweaver's Thicket
Shadow Haven
Solusek's Eye (the one without Lord Nagafen)
South Kaladim
South Qeynos
Southern Desert of Ro
Southern Felwithe
Steamfont Mountains
The Castle of Mistmoore
The City of Guk (upper guk)
The City of Mist
The City of Shar Vahl
The City of Thurgadin
The Crypt of Dalnir
The Crystal Caverns
The Dawnshroud Peaks
The Dreadlands
The Echo Caverns
The Emerald Jungle
The Erudin Palace
The Estate of Unrest
The Feerrott
The Field of Bone
The Greater Faydark
The Iceclad Ocean
The Jaggedpine Forest
The Lair of the Splitpaw
The Lavastorm Mountains
The Lesser Faydark
The Liberated Citadel of Runnyeye
The Mines of Nurga
The Nektulos Forest
The Northern Plains of Karana
The Overthere
The Paludal Caverns
The Permafrost Caverns
The Qeynos Aqueduct System
The Qeynos Hills
The Rathe Mountains
The Southern Plains of Karana
The Stonebrunt Mountains
The Surefall Glade
The Swamp of No Hope
The Temple of Droga
The Temple of Solusek Ro
The Twilight Sea
The Warrens
The Warsliks Woods
The Western Plains of Karana
Timorous Deep
Trakanon's Teeth
West Commonlands
West Freeport