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6 Year Anniversary Events - 02/27/2021


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Well.... it has been 6 years! I can't even believe that when I started playing here and the shortly later became a staff member. If you would of asked me what I would be working on in 6 years, no way I would of said one of the top 5 popular eqemu private servers. This is a collaborative project between the Players, past/present/future staff and the EQEmu community as a whole, without any piece of that puzzle none of this would of been possible. So as a treat, the Anniversary events will be running for the full month of March, all of the previous events are back and a new event was added for our newest GM Regent. His quest will reward those who did the 2020 events while they were current and a different reward will be given to the players who did not (Note: it's involved). For those players who did not do the last years events, don't despair, next year you will be able to gain that reward.

*Regents looks to be corrected*




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