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    Patchday - 10/4/2020 @ AM'ish (maybe 10) Eastern

    Patchday -- Run Patcher (Posted) (Trust): Corpse updates Corpses Rot = 7 Days Total Corpse Rezability 3 hours of account CLE time Corpses can be rezzed multiple times, however only the first rez will give any xp back and each rez even with no XP will provide rez effects. PoTimeB Quarm...
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    Patch Day 9/19/20 @ 12:20 AM Eastern

    Patch Day 9/19/20 @ 12:20AM Eastern PATCHER IS UPDATED - Both Clients (Trust): Turtle Doves, Flowers and Bells have been added to a new zone accessible via PoKnowledge and by GM Invitation only. (Regent): Tradeskills Added recipes for Koada'Dal, Feir'Dal and Teir'Dal needles (forum post)...
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    Patch Day 9/6/2020 - AM Sometime

    Patchday 9/6/2020 AM Sometime (Trust): Plane of Time B Corrected Vallon Zeks tether mechanics Tim Deep Test of Patience Re-written (forum post) West Karana Hollow Skull quest was cleaned up to be more accurate (forum post) Gunthak Temp and Eth Cleansing quests should be fixed for...
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    Wayfarers Haven Client v3

    Wayfarers Haven Client v3 Link to Download --> >HERE< Alt Download -------> >HERE< You are NOT required to use v3, you can continue to use v2 with the continued functionality you have, honestly we would of never even considered changing if it wasn't for the Spin Stun bug the client has...
  5. Trust

    Patch Day 08/22/2020

    Patch Day (Trust): Client v3 Pre Air and Earth events now have proper memblur where in some cases the blur would fail when it should of fired. (Regent): Ssrazhzheadadjfza Temple A_shissar_spiritward was mistakenly made immune to magic instead of immune to flee. Swapped. (Huffin)...
  6. Trust

    Patch Day 08/16/2020 @ 10am Eastern

    Hotfixed Gakamenial_Fir`Disralsi increase respawn timer Queen_Silandria increase respawn timer Rinturion_Windblade increase respawn timer Arch_Mage_Alchtonion increase respawn timer
  7. Trust

    Patch Day 08/16/2020 @ 10am Eastern

    PatchDay - Patcher has been updated with new spell files for Mainline Client and Those people testing out the beta clietn. (Trust): Issue #I0718 - Gulf of Gunthak - Xoomix spawn location fixed Issue #I0717 - Gulf of Gunthak - Walker Stormfyre spawn location fixed Issue #I0715 - SolDungB zone...
  8. Trust

    Patchday - 7-25-2020 - AM Eastern Time

    Legacy of Ykesha Mid Release Treachery and lies are not uncommon in the court of the Overking. But there are some unusual rumors being told by some unusual adventurers. Some say that there is strife within the council of the Overking, and that heroes may find adventure there while that strife...
  9. Trust

    Patchday - 7-03-2020 @ 10am eastern

    Patcher will be updated on patch day. (Trust): Issue #I0587 - Fixed an issue with getting to the 7th Hammer, you will need to hold the key in your hand and activate the "Use" key which is defaulted to U when in the portal to port over. Issue #I0585 - Respawn times adjusted in Misty Thicket...
  10. Trust

    Patchday 06/19/2020 @ 10am Eastern

    PATCHER UPDATED -- EXTENDED PATCH DAY - need to do some infra work. Expect a few hours. Database (Trust): Issue #I0559 - Sarnak Summoner`s Dagger Proc Fixed Issue #I0558 - Elaborately Gilded Wooden Spear Bane Damage has been fixed Issue #I0555 - Adjusted SellRate (Price from vendor) for Marble...
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    Added EQLindows as an allowed application to assist with boxing.
  12. Trust

    Patchnotes 5/31/2020

    Spell File Updated Fixed: Issue #I0496 - Delirious Drogmor no longer spawns, out of era Issue #I0497 - Added Missing Spell: Mass Purify Mana Issue #I0495 - Guktan Paladin Recruit Letter Now has Text Issue #IXXXX - Guktan Cleric Recruit Letter Now has Text Issue #IXXXX - Guktan Wizard Recruit...
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    Patch Notes - 05-30-2020

    Patch Notes - 05-30-2020 --- LoY Release PATCH NOTES for 5/30/2020 Including: New Enhanced Dynamic Zone System! New Playable Race: Froglok! Dyeable armor New armor slot: Charms 5 New zones Fixes: Issue #I0420 - Leather BPs is now Quarms only loot for Unity Raids. Issue #I0482 - Belt of...
  14. Trust

    The Legacy has Begun - LoY Release Date - 5/30/2020

    ADDITIONAL PATCH NOTES for 5/30/2020
  15. Trust

    The Legacy has Begun - LoY Release Date - 5/30/2020

    The Theft of Grozmok Proportions: An unnatural fog fills the small cove. It brings with it a numbing quiet, which is only broken by the rhythmic sound of waves washing against the shore and slapping the hulls of several small wooden skiffs. The cove is devoid of life, since most of its...
  16. Trust

    Patch Notes 05-14-2020

    Patcher Updated - Run It Database: Issue #I0428 - Amulet of the Haven Faction adjustments fixed Issue #I0425 - Xeximoz's Earring effect has been fixed Issue #I0424 - Elemental Grimoire has been fixed Issue #I0419 - Earring of the Frozen Skull Effect has been fixed Issue #I0418 - Wand of Souls...
  17. Trust

    Patch Notes 5-11-2020

    Patcher Updated - Run It Code: Added the code back for casting pet buffs to not require them to be targeted Undead will no longer flee at low hp Database: Issue #I0345 - A Book of Dark Bindings should work for research combines now. Issue #I0400 - Innovators Hammer Proc is Fixed Issue...
  18. Trust

    Patch for the Patch to fix the Patch

    Here are some but not all of the fixes. EB Items fixed Shared Bank spell desync fixed Fixed some, but apparently not all items from casting in the inventory that shouldnt Trader bags are no longer NoTrade Fixed Gnomish Recharge kits for the 38671236th time Waterstones Fixed Spell: Mark of...
  19. Trust

    Patch Day - Saturday May 2nd, 2020 @ 10AM Eastern

    Oh Yea, we adjused GravFlux so it hopefully wont body everyone.
  20. Trust

    Patch Day - Saturday May 2nd, 2020 @ 10AM Eastern

    Patch Day - May 2nd, 2020 @ 10AM Eastern - Possibly an extended downtime. Run Patcher as Usual Code Complete Inventory code revamp (EQEmu) What does this mean? Essentially it corrected some issues with the way the inventory system handles specific slots that were kinda hacky. You should...